BMC in talks to fund an eco-report for UK mountaineering

Oh dear guys, I just checked this site and saw the spam damage. I'm not the greatest of forum managers, it must be said. I've de-spammed and added extra security at the sign up stage so hopefully it won't happen again, sorry!

On a happier note, I've been talking to the BMC and it looks like they might fund a report looking at how we can start decarbonising the UK mountaineering industry. If it goes ahead it'll start with research into the industry's carbon emissions and then move on to setting up some green projects. Some ideas being thrown about include installing green technology on mountain huts and setting up recycling projects with Oxfam. Obviously we need a better, more populated car sharing site - I'm working on this!

If you have any other ideas for projects I'd be keen to see them posted up on the forum.

I should know more about the report in a few weeks, fingers crossed and thanks for signing up as members, you're all awesome.


Happy 2011!

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