driving to the above next friday (20th) through glasgow if anybody interested. return sunday late afternoon.

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Hi Dave,

My girlfriend's based in Aberdeen, and was considering heading down to the festival on Friday (i'm travelling up from the South) I'll forward this onto her. Where are you starting out from?


Hi Dave, yup, as Toby said, I was planning to get a train, heading down tomorrow afternoon and back Sunday late afternoon/evening. But the train changes in Glasgow anyway, so might be better/cheaper to do a lift share from there... Will you be anywhere near the train station for pick up/drop off, and what kind of time?

My plan is 2 finish work slightly early and could get to Glasgow 5ish. I am supposed 2 be seeing a lecture at 830pm. The smart thing 2 do would be 2 arrange a pick-up outwith the town centre (traffic), but that might not be possible. i'm seeing lectures on sat then my folks on sun, back north not too late 3-5/ 6 latest on the sunday. Looks like good weather for a MFF!

if this kinda fits, i can be got @ glaramara@hotmail.com or 0776 1197243.

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