Fern Hill yesterday-Is this the best gritstone route in the UK ?

December 2008 we created Yorkclimbers.ning.com as a free community site to serve & promote climbing within the Yorkshire area. Our secondary objective was to work with our local climbing clubs to help bridge the gap between them & the ever increasing number of keen activists who for various reasons choose not to join clubs. In a short time the site has become a very active high energy & flexible resource that allows our members to organise an average of four events every week.
Although we have climbers of all grades operating on the site the coaching of people who want to progress from climbing walls to the great outdoors is fast becoming one of our top priorities.

Where does Yorkclimbers stand on environmental issues

The environment was not our original prime objective but by supporting climbers we have introduced many methods that may be regarded as positive by Eco-climber.

Transport-We have reached the conclusion that unless you have a lot of time on your hands cars are a necessity, the knack is to optimise the use of the cars.

Some of our methods

Introduced Yorkclimbers as a regional site to cut down on the one person in one car scenario that curse many national climbing clubs & modern website groups who's members travel to events from all corners of the UK.

Set up local meet points around York where we can leave cars, these are reachable by cycle, it is then possible to optimise cars.

Adopt a similar on route meet point arrangement when we operate with people from other cities or regions, once again optimising car usage.

Use on route train station pick ups, where our remote members catch a train to York, Sheffield, Bangor & we pick them up for events in Peak, Lakes, and North Wales etc.

Developed a very successful strategy of making the most of the weather then going to the right venue for the conditions this avoids wasted journeys.

One simple thing we can all do to help maintain the fantastic places we climb in.

BBQ season is upon us & many of our crags which are often local beauty spots get into a disgusting state with litter. On our events we just hand out a plastic bag to each team so they can pick up any litter they find.

If you have any questions or think you can think of any ways we can improve the way we operate please get in touch. Likewise if you want to find out more about Yorkclimbers & what we are about check out our Blogs, Photos & Future Events pages it might be just what you are looking for.

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